The Organizing Committee informs that the 10th Balkan Congress Of Microbiology / Microbiologia Balkanica 2017 will be held from 16 to 18 November, 2017 and will be held in Park Hotel Moskva, Sofia, Bulgaria.

This scientific Congress will be attended by microbiologists from South Eastern Europe and members of Balkan Society for Microbiology, founded back in 1998: Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania, as well as associated member countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary. During the Congress are expected guests and key talks from France, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine and other.

Main topics of 10th Balkan Congress of Microbiology are all main topics in microbiology science: Human microbiome; Zoonoses; New antimicrobial agents; Nosocomial infections; Microbial biotechnologies; Probiotics and prebiotics; Extremophilic microorganisms; Environmental microbiology; New approaches in antiviral chemotherapy; Hepatitis C antivirals; Infectious immunology; Biological response modifiers in the treatment of infectious diseases; Microbiocides; Food microbiology and food safety; New achievements in parasitology and many others.

The Congress is open for exhibitions and presentations during its three-day period, given by commercial companies for laboratory equipment, chemicals, various reagents, food media, computer technology and multimedia equipment as well as pharmaceutical and other companies, dealing with diagnostics, prophylactics and treatment of viral diseases in humans, animals and plants. Former experience in such kind of events reveals the existence of additional opportunities for commercial development and success of manufacturing and supplier companies.

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the Congress and to present your products and promotion materials. The latter could be included in the Congress materials.

We provide the opportunity for a financial contribution to the Congress which will allow you to support this scientific event, concerning health care, agriculture, industry and environmental protection in Bulgaria.

We kindly invite you to address your response, registration and offers to this e-mail: doumanova@microbio.bas.bg.

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